Saturday Youth Night Vigil in Bangalore happens every Saturday night at Renewal Retreat Centre behind Christ College, starting at 9.30 PM till Sunday morning 5.30 AM. For the past eight years,no weekend has passed without this Night Vigil. It has been a great blessing to the city of Bangalore, otherwise known as "the sin city of India". The live music during the Night Vigil is an answer for the youth who long to spend their weekends in pubs and night clubs. This way, every weekend at RRC has become a Saturday Night Celebration with Our Lord Jesus. Young people from across Bangalore come before the Blessed Sacrament, to worship and adore the Eucharistic Lord. They experience the love and healing touch of Jesus during the Adoration and find answers to their prayers when prayed as one family before Our God.

Saturday Night Vigil serves as an ideal venue for charging up your soul for the impending week and also to lay down the burdens of a passing week. There are lively sessions of Praise and Worship and breaking of the Word of God. Many experience the mercy and grace of the LORD through the Sacrament of Reconciliation during the Night Vigil. The Holy Eucharist is celebrated in a very lively and solemn way around midnight. The healing prayer is a time of great physical and inner healings. The intercession during the Night Vigil is very powerful and effective. There are also other ministries and initiatives like counseling that has come out from the night vigil group. Thousands have passed through the vigil over the years and there have been countless stories of blessings, miracles and healings done marvelously by the Lord in the life of the Night Vigil Group Members.The Night Vigil is surely the place where you have got to be on a Saturday Night if you are in Bangalore.


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— Psalms 1:3

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